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Elétrica Emagrecimento Perna Shaper Queimar Cinto de Gordura de Aquecimento Sauna Detoxificação Pé Massager Cintos Wraps Anti Massagem Celulite Slimmer

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Modelo:  PG-2001H

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N ° de Modelo: PG-2001H Teoria: Infared Portátil: Portátil Tipo: Leg Massage Aplicação: Salon, Home Origem: Origin of Guangzhou
MM use the time must pay attention to control the temperature, oh, the use of low temperature, thank you! Because of individual differences and climate reasons, not everyone used to sweat,Instrument principle is to produce far infrared light wave to burn fat. Not alone by sweating to thin, as long as the heat is effective, Please see it again.
 Electric Slimming Leg Shaper Burn Fat Belt Heating Sauna Detoxification Foot Massager Belts Wraps Anti Cellulite Massage Slimmer
Electric Slimming Leg Shaper Burn Fat Belt Heating Sauna Detoxification Foot Massager Belts Wraps Anti Cellulite Massage SlimmerEfficacy:
1, the biological effect of far infrared heating: PG - 2001 - h sauna detoxification beautiful leg instrument can distribute 8-12 micron far infrared energy, far infrared radiation, infiltration function, can permeate into subcutaneous tissue 3-5 cm, speed up the movement of the fat and decomposition.
2, traditional Chinese medicine meridian efficacy: PG-2001H sauna Paidu leg instrument of the efficacy of Warming Yang, promoting foot and systemic blood circulation and smooth, and clear the body meridians and spontaneous remission of physical fatigue and pressure, effectively regulate the endocrine system, nerve endings, and the balance of the autonomic nervous system, activate and improve blood circulation.
3, corresponding to the legs and feet of 33 acupoint reflecting region, feet and human health is closely related to, far infrared radiation, infiltration function to activate the body's acupoint, and physical fitness.
Four efficacy: anti-inflammatory, detumescence, relieving pain, relieving spasm

(1) to improve blood circulation, promote metabolism
Shu Jing Tong Luo, relieve fatigue
(3) wind cold, huoxue huayu
(4) to prevent muscle atrophy
Six major characteristics:
1, AC AC power supply CE; & international security certification
2, PG - 2001 - h sauna detoxification beautiful leg instrument in addition to the foot the body heat, unfolds can also be used to other body parts, such as the back, abdomen and hip to heat. You just put the needed parts, beautiful leg instrument by fever can obtain ideal effect.
3, through the sauna sweating less excess body fat, burning calories, to beauty, slimming effect.
4, safe: physical therapy, without any side effects to human body, perennial use of physical fitness.
5, easy to use, easy to operate, especially the elderly can also be independent operation can treatment at home.
6, environmental protection: no chemicals, no adverse effects on the environment and people, is the real green health care treatment.
Matters needing attention:
1, do not use in the bathroom PG - 2001 - h sauna detoxification beautiful leg instrument.
2, the following case please do not use beautiful leg instrument: such as PVC surface or wire of damage, or doesn't work properly, break or fall into the water.
3, if you feel do not use energy-saving have dizzy spells.
4, please consult your doctor before use if you have any health problems or other questions.
5, it is recommended that people with skin allergies use legs, do not use the highest temperature.
6, the voltage used must be consistent with the specification (220V).
7, use or storage beautiful leg instrument, please do not fold or crease, split the placement.
8, the use of energy-saving, do not use pins, needles or other sharp metal objects.
9, a child or patient do not use beautiful leg instrument.
10, such as the maximum power use leg instrument time too long, highly allergic to thermal skin president of blisters, burns, please use caution.
11, only use the legs of the instrument controller to adjust the temperature.
12, do not use other equipment accessories to replace the legs of the instrument accessories.
13, please do not close to the water, because even if the shutdown, its electronic parts will still be affected.
14, please do not place your legs in or store in a place that might fall into the water or other liquid, such as a bathroom or sink.
15, can only use manufacturers recommend component and used according to the instructions.
16, after use, please spread out until the energy-saving cooling, and then stored in a dry place.
Technical index:
Power supply: AC 220 v - 240 - v & have spent 50/60 hz
Power 120W
The heating surface temperature: less than 50 degrees
Use and suggestion:
1, many of the dancers, star, star jockey jockey and other athletes have been using leg instrument for a number of years, in order to maintain a good shape.
2, a big advantage: you can easily enjoy the sauna comfortable at home. You can also be sauna heat concentration of body parts is most needed.
3, use the attention: be sure to use at room temperature, do not test in the air conditioning environment to enhance its effectiveness, so your body will not feel the effect of sudden changes in room temperature.
4, before use on your skin beautiful leg instrument, make sure that you are in a comfortable state.
5, use your legs when you do not use a moisturizer or similar products, because your skin pores will be completely open, causing allergies.
6, in order to achieve the best results, it is recommended to use the leg instrument of the time: 50 minutes / time, but not more than 50 minutes, it is recommended to use once a day.
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