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Vibe Dual Speed ​​Professional Massager - Ferramenta de massagem elétrica vibrante Massagem eletrônica

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Modelo:  WD-195

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Modelo: WD-195 Teoria: IPL Portable: Portable Especificação: 12 * 10 * 8 / 3kg Tipo: Aplicação da máquina do realce do peito: Salão, pacote do transporte Home: Origem da caixa: Origem de Guangzhou
About the Product
POWERFUL MASSAGE TOOL  If you ever tried self-massage therapy, you may have encountered powerful-yet-bulky electric massage tools. The Body Back Vibe is not as big nor as loud compared to other brands, but it delivers the right amount of power that's suitable for professional and home use. This dual-speed massager will alleviate muscle pain and soreness, and boost blood circulation thanks to its professional-grade oscillator motor.
COMFORTING VIBRATION - It is purported that up to 80% of the world's population suffer lumbar pain at one point in their lives. Not only athletes are affected. A vibration massager device like the Body Back Vibe relaxes the muscles for pain-free movements. Did you know that there are published scientific research that establish the benefits of vibration to fitness? Body Back Vibe uses vibration and oscillating movements to deliver a stimulating, effective, and smooth massage.
GREAT TRIGGER POINT THERAPY TOOL - A trigger point is a tight, painful area that causes pain in other body parts. It is usually a sharp, and intense pain but it can also be a dull ache. When pressure is applied to a trigger point, muscular spasm is interrupted. The pain goes away. The Body Back Vibe is specifically designed to alleviate the pain through vibration and oscillation. Depending on the type of pain or discomfort you are experiencing, you can experience pain relief in just one session.
DUAL-SPEED SWITCH  If you forget leg day, or if your list of hamstring exercises is shorter than your list for abdominal workouts, you will experience pain in your calf muscles often. Thanks to the dual-speed switch, you have the option to choose between a soft, relaxing massage or a deep, penetrating massage that works wonders for muscle spasms and overall tension. It is so easy to customize your DIY massage/percussion therapy!
CELLULITE REDUCTION  Cellulite is subcutaneous fat that's usually accumulated around the belly, buttocks, arms, and thighs. Two of the contributing factors for cellulite accumulation are lack of circulation and hormonal imbalances. Body Back Vibe's vibration is not only for relieving muscle pain. It can also be used to stimulate blood circulation that will aid in digestion and balance hormones. These can eventually help you "melt" away the cellulite to help you get the fitter body you want.
Poduct Description
You want a fitter body, so you exercise and try to push your body to its limits. But then, your muscles get fatigued and you find that your body is experiencing sharp pains with dull aches. What would you do? Would you give up on yourself and ditch working out? Of course not!
There are many ways to relieve muscle pain and alleviate tension. For example, you can ease the pain through massage. The good news is it doesn't have to be expensive. You may opt to go to a professional, or you might want to do it yourself.
The Body Back Vibe is a powerful and portable dual-speed electric massage tool that delivers a smooth, stimulating, and effective vibrating massage. It is a great gadget that can target a variety of muscle groups which offer relief from trigger points. Trigger points, what many people call "knots," are contracted muscles that are stiff and painful. This is caused by a reduced supply of oxygen. You may experience it as a sharp pain that extends to other parts of the body or as dull aches in patches of your body, such as the neck.
The Body Back Vibe's vibrating and oscillating movements can boost blood circulation, overcoming the pain of trigger points. Thanks to a dual-speed switch, you have an option for a lighter or more penetrating massage. Vibration from the Vibe calms muscle tension and spasms so you can recover quickly and hit the gym earlier. As of now, scientific research is delving on the potential of vibration to melt away cellulite. Body Back Vibe's ability to stimulate blood circulation also translates to improved digestion and balanced hormones. Combine that with proper nutrition and exercise, you can say goodbye to belly fat and thick thighs in less time!
DIY massage therapy through Body Back Vibe is a cost-effective way to save you from the costs of professional help. You will have more control of where and how much pressure to apply.
Vibe Dual Speed Professional Massager - Vibrating Electric Massage Tool Electronic MassageVibe Dual Speed Professional Massager - Vibrating Electric Massage Tool Electronic MassageVibe Dual Speed Professional Massager - Vibrating Electric Massage Tool Electronic MassageVibe Dual Speed Professional Massager - Vibrating Electric Massage Tool Electronic Massage

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